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The Thuraya phone is often referred to as the gold standard in satellite phone technology. Thuraya offers text, voice, and internet in almost any part of the world, with speeds of up to 60kbps, with 15 kbps up. However, unlike Iridium satellite phones that offer global coverage, Thuraya offers regional coverage across northern and central Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, and the Indian subcontinent.

If the coverage offered meets your needs, which it does for most people, then you benefit from the company’s small form factor design. Interestingly Thuraya phones are the smallest satellite phones in the world. Plus, the SatSleeve+ hotspot is one of a kind and works with any smartphone.

We deal in some of the most popular models of Thuraya phones. The phones are used by an increasing number of professionals who often find themselves working in remote parts of the world, where connecting with the outside world is imperative.

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The Thuraya X5-Touch Phone

The Thuraya X5-Touch is the latest smartphone by the company that boasts of a 5.2 inch Full HD screen. Furthermore, the device offers connectivity in areas that are otherwise beyond the reach of regular mobile phone connections or land-based phones. It also boasts of a few features that aren’t found in regular satellite phones like a dual SIM slot, which allows users to activate their SIM’s satellite mode or switch to GSM mode.

The X5-Touch also has a built-in high capacity battery, which offers a talk time of around 11 hours and 100 hours when in standby. Furthermore, it is equipped with features like Glonass, GPS, and BeiDou for navigation. There is an SOS button that can be used for emergencies. Rounding off the features is the addition of Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC.

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The Thuraya XT-Pro Phone

The Thuraya XT-Pro is one of the most advanced satellite phones by the company. It boasts of 100 hours of standby time and 11 hours of talk time, which is amongst the most generous in the satellite phone industry. Having longer standby and talk time ensures that the phone can be used when needed regardless of if there is a charging spot available nearby.

The XT-Pro is designed to be rugged with its special durable housing; the phone is splash resistant, shock resistant, and sand can’t make its way through it. That’s why it can be taken anywhere and in any condition.

The high-quality design of this phone is meant to meet the extremely stringent needs of people in the energy, exploration, and other industries that require living in remote regions of the world.

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Thuraya SatSleeve+ & SatSleeve Hotspot

Out of all the Thuraya phones, the SatSleeve+ may be amongst the most practical and does not require any additional hardware to use apart from it.

Thuraya has designed the SatSleeve+ to work with iOS and Android devices, which transforms them into satellite phones by the use of WiFi. It is the ideal work companion allowing sending messages and making calls. Users can access their email, browse the web, and communicate on social media.

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