Satellite Communication

JST Group is at the forefront of the satellite communications industry. We offer satellite phones which are amongst the best in the business and are sourced from some of the most trusted brands in the industry like Inmarsat, Iridium, Cobham and Thuraya.
We provide the latest satellite phones that offer reliability, ease of use, and are incredibly rugged.

How Does Satellite Communication Work?

Satellite Communication consists of two primary components, i.e., the ground station and the satellite in space. The ground segment is a mobile transmitter / receiver, which is either portable or fixed. Communications from the ground component are relayed digitally via the satellite, to the required ground station. The signal can carry video, voice, and other types of data, which allows for worldwide communication in areas where cellular reception or ground stations aren’t available.

Popular Satellite Phones

To ensure reliable satellite communications, you need to have a secure portable unit. Fortunately, we sell units by some of the leading brands in the industry. For further enquiries, contact JST Group’s representative: Mr. Joe Tan – Email:

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Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

The Inmarsat Isatphone is reliable, rugged, and offers communication from any part of the world. The company’s IsatPhone 2, which is one of our best selling handheld satellite phone. It includes a myriad of features meant to help you remain connected regardless of your location.

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Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya’s X5-Touch is the world’s first-ever satellite phone to use the Android operating system. It works both on GSM and satellite technology. The 5.2” inch full HD touch screen, offers reliability for users who tend to move in and out of the range of satellites and GSM coverage.

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Thuraya XT-Pro

The XT-PRO is the most advanced satellite phone used by professionals. It is rugged and robust, boasting of exceptional battery life and excellent connection stability for voice communication.

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Thuraya SatSleeve+ & SatSleeve Hotspot

One of the best satellite communication options for frequent travelers, explorers, and professionals alike. It provides satellite communication in the form of calls, instant messages, social media accessibility, etc. The device works across Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

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iridium extreme phone

The Iridium Extreme®PTT

The Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk offers global dependability. Iridium is one of the leaders in the global satellite communication industry, offering some of the toughest phones with PTT features.

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Iridium GO!®

Get global voice calls and text messages with the convenience of a smartphone, along with data capabilities. Now it accommodates the use of a plethora of optimized apps to meet your growing needs.

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Satellite Connectivity

Inmarsat Global Government GX Land

Inmarsat Global Government GX Land

Inmarsat delivers a global communication system for governments and their officials across the world. It is used by everyone from heads of state to diplomats and military commanders.

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Cobham – BGAN Explorer

The Explorer BGAN uses a series of L-band satellite terminals setup by Inmarsat. The terminals are easily accessible and available as portable BGAN, BGAN M2M, and vehicular BGAN units to offer connectivity across the world.

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We offer the best satellite communication phones that money can buy.
For further enquiries, please contact JST Group’s representative:  Mr. Joe Tan

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