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Quality Policy

The JST Group aims to provide highquality Products and Services to an extensive client base.

The JST Group recognizes that delivering consistent product and service quality will ensure a high degree of client satisfaction, repeat business and continued growth.

We will endeavor to do this by:

      • Providing our customers with support and service that assist them in satisfying their business requirements.
      • Continuously refining and improving our processes by monitoring key performance indicators throughout
        the business.

Our Quality Management System has been designed around the framework of the ISO9001:2015 standard and aims to help us monitor and achieve the above objectives, without compromising our moral, ethical or legislative obligations.

Every JST Group employee, within their capacity, is responsible to contribute towards achievements of the goals defined
in this Policy.

Quality Objectives

The JST Group initiates the process of defining, approving, establishing and implementing measurable quality objectives at all relevant functions and levels.

The approved quality objectives shall be communicated at all relevant functions and levels.

The approved quality objectives shall be in line with the quality policy, in order to conform to product standards and achieve customer satisfaction.

The quality objectives shall be monitored and reviewed as stipulated in the relevant documentation. Continuous improvement and upgrading shall be done whenever necessary.

Summary of Quality Objectives of JST group.

To complete at least 80% delivery of products and services as per customer- specified delivery time for all departments.

To keep the number of complaints from customers to less than 5 complaints per year.

To enhance a minimum of 80% of customer satisfaction on yearly basis.


Derek Stamp
Chief Operating Officer
JST Group