PWHT | Post Weld Heat Treatment

The Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) service offered by the JST-Group helps improve the weld microstructure, which in turn reduces the residual stresses that often develops during the welding stage. We are one of the leaders in post-weld and post-heat treatment for steel and metal fabrication, with a team of highly experienced specialists.
Our team specializes in a myriad of PWHT services for industries like construction, pressure piping, bridges, offshore platforms, storage tanks, pressure vessels, petrochemical plants, refineries, etc. If your requirement isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us.

Our PWHT Complies with All the Latest Welding Codes

The post-weld heat treatment procedure used by our team complies with all the recent welding codes and other mandatory requirements for certain metals. The welding codes often apply to metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, work-hardened steel, and high alloy steel.

Also, depending on the industry, there may be PWHT requirements setup for wall thickness of the various parts that are required to be welded together.

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post weld heat treatment (pwht)

The use of post-weld treatment helps to reduce if not redistribute the stress brought on by the process. The technique uses soaking, heating, and cooling of the machined surface or weldment to control temperatures. Doing this helps to improve the properties of the machined or weldment surface. However, there are a couple of other benefits to its application which include:

  • Improving the ductility of the materials
  • Reducing the instances brittle fractures
  • Tempered metal
  • Improves and in some cases reduces the metal’s hardness
  • Improve metallurgical properties
  • The prevention of cracking caused by hydrogen by its removal

PWHT Procedure and PWHT Test on Site

JST-Group can perform PHWT both at our clients’ sites and our own business site. The onsite facilities include specialized large furnaces where the weldments are placed for PWHT. Additionally, we also offer businesses the option of availing our pickup and delivery services. That said, our service can cater to both onshore and offshore sites by using a myriad of portable equipment.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced PWHT technicians that will ensure that all machined surfaces or weldments that are to be treated meet the required welding code requirements. That way, we can know if they are fit for the required process.

The biggest benefit of partnering with us or hiring our services is the fact that we have a global reach. Our non-destructive inspections are mandatory after PHWT, which includes magnetic particle inspection, hardness testing, and stress radiography. Plus, we have metallurgical laboratories and engineers with a lot of experience and knowledge, allowing us to execute all types of pre weld heat treatment procedures while ensuring complete Quality Assurance.

For more information, please contact JST Group’s Heat Treatment Services Manager: Stuart Muckleston

Line: @jst-group
Tel: +662 022 8000