Guardian Petrolatum Systems

Petrolatum tape products provide above and below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and many more. Our petrolatum tape wrap systems can easily be applied by hand to most surfaces in arctic and tropical temperature environments.

Guardian Petrolatum Tapes are a corrosion protection tape system based on a synthetic carrier fully impregnated with an anti-corrosive petrolatum mass. They can be applied above and below water and provide 30+ Years of Corrosion Protection Performance.

This coating system is ideal for use when it is not possible to obtain an abrasive blasted clean surface. Please contact us for further details:
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dock piling wrap

We supply petrolatum tape or piling wrap that’s specially designed to be used without a primer in order to protect submerged, dry or wet surfaces. When the right thickness of the tape is applied properly, it will help to protect your pilings, pipes, flanges, risers, valves amongst other surfaces assuring longterm performance. What’s more is the fact that these tapes are immensely easy to use, requiring minimal to no training. Once the pipeline or piling surface is prepared, the tape can be applied and simply spiral wrapped using a minimum 1 inch overlap. This overlap can be increased in cases where additional protection is required. 

Petrolatum Tape & Piling Wrap Uses

  • Exterior coatings for buried or submerged piping, fittings and structures in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Exterior coating for use on Municipal water/waste water systems
  • Marine application
  • Pulp & Paper Industry

Why Choose Our Piling Wrap?​

One of the leading reasons why our piling wrap is so sought after is because we only sell high-quality, genuine products. Similar to our engineering services, the goal for us is to offer clients the best value for money. However, there are other reasons to choose us for your petrolatum tape needs:

  • Our products are very competitively priced, ensuring top-shelf quality
  • We cater to businesses and industries that require wrapping in bulk quantities
  • We only have tape coating that’s proven to be durable and protect pilings
  • Years of industry experience means that we can recommend the right solution to clients

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Do you want to find out which product will work best for your needs? Want to buy piling wrap type coatings at a reasonable price or need a quote? 

For more information, please contact JST Group’s Industrial Sales Manager: Nick Grenier

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