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JST’s Human Resource Consultancy & Contracting division is at the forefront of human resources in the oil and gas industry. We are one of the leading Oil and Gas Jobs Thailand companies that have, over the years, been responsible for the hiring and management of many thousands of employees.
Our experience shows that the oil and gas industry greatly benefits from talented, smart, and hard-working people. As experts in oil and gas recruitment, our goal is to help recruit the best and brightest to fill positions for our clients. Years of experience in the human resource field guarantees our ability to find the best people regardless of the job’s obscurity or difficulty. That is why we are the go-to company for oil gas job Thailand.

A Leading Oil & Gas Personel Management System

At JST, our Personnel Management System relies heavily on what is labeled a Functional HR Strategy, Corporate Culture Rules, and the Code of Business Conduct. We feel that these social codes define what our service is all about and underlines our corporate principles when it comes to managing labor across the board.

Our social code ensures that laborers are cared about just as well as our clients regardless of the number of oil and gas jobs Thailand.

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Oil and Gas Recruitment

The well laid out and fair Personnel Management Policy serves as a guidebook that defines JST’s personnel management strategy and the moral principles that govern it. The focus is on maximum personnel investment efficiency by establishing systems that:

  • When choosing people for offshore jobs Thailand, we only recruit so-called “cream of the crop” and manage their capabilities and potential accordingly.
  • Motivate employees to accomplish their required goals.
  • Unbiased and straight forward assessment of each individual’s results so that they can be encouraged and rewarded for their achievements.
  • Like all oil and gas jobs, performance and efficiency enhancement is maximized across the board.
  • We remain active in the development and training of personnel.

Why Choose Our Human Resource Consultancy and Contracting?

We are headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, but maintain a large and growing central Human Resource database. The advantage of this database is that it is linked to all our offices, making it easy to quickly find positions and fill them. It takes the guesswork out of matching personnel for oil gas job SE Asia.

Our database is linked to JST offices in:

Ho Chi Minh [Vietnam]
Cape Town [South Africa]

Another often overlooked advantage of having a central database for JST is it helps us quickly identify all available resources and know where they are located. It makes handling literally hundreds of resources logistically manageable.

Furthermore, it helps us quickly match the resources we have to an incoming inquiry, then mobilize the resource as soon as possible. That helps our clients save time and money in the short-term.

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You can learn more about offshore jobs Thailand by contacting us via email or phone.

For further enquiries, please contact JST Group’s Human Resources Manager: John Hodgkins

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