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The Iridium Phone is considered one of the best in the business. As a leading American company Iridium, not only designs, manufactures, and sells some of the best satellite phones on the market but also has the largest commercial satellite network in the world. It has the only network which can offer truly global communications that cover the entire planet earth. What’s genuinely unique about Iridium’s coverage is that it also coves the entirety of the polar region that no other satellite phone company is able to cover at the moment. Furthermore, they cover every inch of land and sea too.

Highly Reliable Seamless Voice and Data Coverage

Users of an Iridium satellite phone benefit from seamless voice and data connections regardless of where they are in the world. The company’s LEO or Low Earth Orbiting network of satellites also allows for the use of Omni-directional antennas, the result of which is devices that are lightweight, compact, and offer a streamlined form factor. Users also enjoy much shorter registration times than the competition.

Iridium phones are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have access to voice and data regardless of where they may be. Also, it is ideally suited for people who wish to use a satellite phone while they are in transit, i.e., on a ship, in the air, etc.

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iridium extreme phone

The Iridium Extreme®PTT Phone

The Iridium Extreme®PTT is designed with a Push-to-Talk mode, a large battery, and a large loudspeaker. It has been ruggedly engineered to support users of all types and to bear all types of operating conditions.

However, users can easily switch modes to regular telephony services when they don’t require PTT communications.

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Iridium GO!® Phone

The Iridium GO is one of the most advanced Iridium phones on the market. It offers text messages, voice calls, and the convenience of a full-featured smartphone in a compact package. Enjoy a plethora of apps and a phone that grows with you.

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How The Vast Iridium Network of Satellites Work?

Iridium’s network or constellation of satellites consists of 75 satellites, out of which 66 are operational, and 9 are in orbit but spares. Each one of these is cross-linked and hover 780 kilometers above the surface of the earth. Iridium has the largest constellation of satellites and ones that operate closest to the earth, that’s why they enjoy the best coverage in every part of the globe.

Higher speeds because of the closer proximity of the satellites means seamless communications, i.e., text, data, and voice calls. Furthermore, it is much easier to maintain a connection while on the move because there are numerous external antennas and docking stations that extend the range of Iridium devices.

We offer the best satellite communication phones that money can buy.
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