Inmarsat Satellite Phones

Inmarsat has been providing satellite communications to businesses, individuals, and the government for over 40 years. Setup in 1979 by the International Maritime Organization, the goal was to provide satellite communications to mariners at sea. Inmarsat became the first satellite operator that was able to meet the stringent guidelines of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System abbreviated as GMDSS, as well as the Civil Aviation Organization abbreviated as ICAO).

Inmarsat don’t only save lives but are helping empower people, businesses, traders, and communities by enabling humanitarian work, much of which takes place in remote parts of the world. Clients usually range from airlines to ship owners, who need to stay connected at all times regardless of where they may be.

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Inmarsat Global Government GX Land

Inmarsat Global Government G2X

Inmarsat G2X provides high speed connectivity of up to 8Mbps and have a wide range of terminals that support different needs of the users. Due to burgeoning customer demand, Inmarsat launched two further GX satellite solutions including one dedicated to AIR and one dedicated to SEA.

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) 3 Solutions:

1. Inmarsat Global Government G2X Land – Brochure Download

2. Inmarsat Global Government G2X AIR – Brochure Download

3. Inmarsat Global Government G2X SEA – Brochure Download

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

The Inmarsat Isatphone offers communication from any part of the world. Reliable and rugged, the IsatPhone 2, is one of the companies best selling handheld satellite phones. It includes a range of features helping users remain connected regardless of location.

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Cobham – BGAN Explorer

Cobham BGAN Explorer have a wide range of terminals such as highly portable , communications on the move and Machine to Machine. It uses the Inmarsat highly reliable L-Band services. Users can connect online anywhere and anytime.

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The Inmarsat Satellite Phones Network

Inmarsat satellite phones use what’s called a BGAN network, which offers seamless global coverage, with excellent ground network availability of around 99%. The L-band service provided by Inmarsat helps to connect machines and people working in remote locations. Inmarsat plays a critical part in the Global Internet of Things (IOT) in the mining , agriculture , oil & gas and shipping industry.

Inmarsat’s upcoming sixth generation of satellites are poised to be amongst the first to feature what’s called “dual payload” satellites, which means that they support both Ka-band and L-band services. The new satellites will support low-cost mobile services, Internet of Things applications, and safety services. Inmarsat new fleet of GX satellites have dynamic capacity which can be reconfigured and repositioned across the globe in real time.

A Global Presence

Inmarsat have a global presence in just about every part of the world and offer 24/7 customer service, Most of all, Inmarsat satellite phones tend to be affordable, portable, and offer excellent value for money, which makes them popular with international NGOs and government agencies alike.

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