JST Heat Treatment

As the exclusive agent of Stork/ Cooperheat [UK] Ltd. JST Group has provided heat treatment services to Thailand’s oil, gas, and power related construction industries for over 30 years. We offer the following range of heat treatment solutions:

  • On-site pre-heat and post weld heat treatment of piping, pressure vessels, tanks, structures, etc. [localised furnace, electrical and gas firing]
  • In-house localised and furnace heat treatment

  • On-site refractory curing/dry out

  • Brinell hardness testing services
  • Consultancy and supervisory services

JST Fixed Furnace

Heat treatment is a broad term used for a group of various thermal processes in the metalworking and industrial industry. The goal with the process is to use tools like a heat treatment furnace to alter the physical and, often, the chemical structure of the metal to ensure the desired properties.

The physical and chemical properties are generally altered to either harden or soften the material using extremely high temperatures often above 1,000° F and can go even higher than 1,700° F.

Heat Treatment Techniques

There are various types of techniques used to alter the chemical and physical properties of the metal. Techniques like case hardening, stress relieving, tempering, quenching, precipitation, and normalizing are used to attain the desired results. Each method is chosen based on the required outcome mainly because there are pros and cons of each type that need to be weighed against the desired results.

Our team consists of the most seasoned Heat Treatment Professionals who use various tools to ensure the desired outcome of the treatment. Our services include:

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) that’s done onsite for tanks, piping, structures, and pressure vessels.
  • Refractory curing and drying out treatment on-site
  • Furnace that’s localized and in-house
  • Brinell hardness testing
  • Various consultancy services for businesses

Contact JST Group’s Heat Treatment Manager: Stuart Muckleston
Email: stuartmuckleston@jst-group.com

Heat Treatment


Heat treating isn’t possible without the use of the right supplies. We make sure that our clients benefit from the best supplies that money can buy. Our supplies include:
  • Various heat treating accessories, equipment, and tools
  • Trace heating systems
  • High-temperature gas burners
  • Heat treatment furnace

The Process of Normalizing

The process of normalizing requires the use of a heat treatment furnace to heat the metal. Normalizing is used to make a metal more ductile while toughening it up by subjecting it to both thermal and mechanical stresses over a certain period. The process requires heating the material to several hundred degrees and then allowing it to cool to room temperature. The consistent heating and cooling eventually alters the metal’s molecular structure, which reduces its hardness while improving ductility.
Normalizing is used because it makes the metal more machinable, making it possible for use in a myriad of applications. It also helps reduce the stresses in the material, which could, in some applications, lead to failure. So, in a way, it makes the metal more reliable for high-stress work.
Industries that use Normalizing include:
  • The nuclear industry will normalize mainly nickel alloys to alter the thermal microstructure following welding
  • Carbon steel is normalized in a bid to reduce its brittleness via cold rolling
  • In the automotive industry, ferric stainless-steel stampings require normalizing to harden the stamped metal

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