Guardian Heat Shrink Sleeve Systems

A heat shrink sleeve is a PE Film that is coated that is laminated onto either a butyl or co-polymer anti-corrosion adhesive. When heated, the sleeve is recovered to its original dimensions prior to the radiation beaming process.

Heat-shrinkable sleeves is a great way to protect pipelines from corrosion. The Guardian Heat-Shrinkable Sleeve Systems are simple to install and offer excellent protection. The shrinking process allows the sleeve to conform to the pipe’s surface while it recovers. It also provides mechanical protection and protects against cracking. The sleeve’s outer layer makes it an excellent barrier against moisture transmission and mechanical damage.

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Quality Control

Professional testing center, perform popular industrial standards include ISO, NACE, EN-DIN and China National Standard (GB).

Heat Shrink Sleeve Systems

Product Composition

Heat shrink sleeves consist of two layers. There is the adhesive layer, and then a film backing. Each layer forms an important part of the process, which is why they are made from the highest quality materials.

Adhesive layer: This layer is made from either a butyl rubber or a high shear strength copolymer adhesive. This allows the heat-shrinkable sleeve to adhere to just about any type of pipe.

Film backing: This consists of radiation cross-linked high-density polyethylene 

For applications where a high laps hear resistance is required for HDD applications, or the client wants to mirror the properties of a 3LPE coating on the main linepipe, the Guardian Epoxy Primer is applied prior to the application of a copolymer adhesive sleeve.

Heat-Shrinkable Sleeve Features At A Glance

We supply and recommend using nothing but the best heat-shrinkable sleeve. That’s why our heat shrinkable sleeves boast of the following benefits:

  • They provide excellent cathodic disbondment resistance for pipes
  • Protects metal pipes from corrosion for an extensive period
  • Our sleeves are non-cracking or hardening
  • Superior moisture resistance coupled with excellent mechanical protection
  • Impenetrable chemical resistance
  • Resistance to shearing caused by hard forces
  • Quick and easy to apply with superior performance

Scope of the Specifications

The specifications mentioned for our heat shrinkable sleeve cover our pre-cut heat-shrinkable wrap-around sleeves, which are also commonly used for corrosion protection of field welded steel pipes and joints. They also help repair damage to the mainline coating.

All our sleeves consist of thick-walled materials that are fabricated using irradiated cross-linked polyolefin, which is pre-coated with a specially formulated sealant. The metal surfaces are well prepared. Using thermoset mainline coatings or polymer.

Our heat shrinkable sleeve also comes with a Closure Seal, which secures the sleeve during the shrinking process. This helps to form the wrap-around sleeve into a specific tube configuration, preventing the ends from being pulled apart during the actual process.

Guardian Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

Guardian is known for its excellent quality. Choose from four premium Guardian Heat Shrinkable Sleeves:

HMS 30/65 Mastic Heat Shrinkable Sleeve – The mastic 2-layer system is engineered to fit the assembly for immediate corrosion protection in a field girth weld joint of a water or gas supply line. It is best used in a low-stress or middle shear environment.

HSS60 / 80 Heat Shrinkable Wrap-around Sleeve – This is a 3-Layer Epoxy/Co-polyment sleeve that is perfectly designed to offer corrosion protection, of an under-earth girth weld joint steel pipeline. This is in particular for the 3LPE/3LPP/FBE coated pipe

HRSS-DD Direct Drill Heat Shrinkable Wrap Around Sleeve – Offers excellent girth weld joint corrosion protection on offshore piping and directional drilling coating applications.

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