Survey & Inspections

JST Group provides complete pipeline inspection, exploration, well field surveying, aerial mapping, exploration, and production services in addition to many others.

JST Group has a commitment to providing top quality, professional survey solutions to government sector projects as well as oil and gas. We provide survey and positioning services for all sizes of marine construction projects, both offshore and in nearshore environments. Whether it is offshore platforms, subsea installation, or supporting inshore pipelines inspections, we do it all.

We offer the following survey services:
• Geophysical, environmental and geotechnical platform site, gas/oil pipeline route surveys
• High-resolution bathymetric surveys
• Expert Geohazard seismic surveys and assessments
• Detailed hydrographic surveys

A Host of Inspection Services

Our inspection services are staffed by a team of experts with decades of experience. That’s why you can be assured of highly accurate inspection reports and other assets, which help you make the right critical decisions based on them.

We offer inspection services and surveys for both underwater and aerial assets. We have separate teams that carry out these inspection services, and these people are qualified experts.

Hydrographic Surveys

Underwater Services Include:

• Site Surveys
• Sediment sampling systems, including
• Debris and Magnetometer Surveys
• De-commissioning Services in the Gulf of Thailand
• Harbour & Shallow Hydrographic Surveys
• Support for Exploration Seismic 2-D and 3-D Support
• Sidescan Sonar Surveys
• Land Well Site Surveys/GPS Static and RTK
• General and Cartographic Mapping
• Inspection ROV Video
• Rig move Planning, QA/QC, and Positioning
• ROV (Inspection) Services
• ASV Service
• Vessel Tracking / Reporting
• Measuring Tides and Currents

Aerial Services Include:

  • Photogrammetry Mapping
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Drones
  • Aerial Power Transmission Lines Inspection
  • LiDAR Mapping

Why Choose JST Group’s Survey & Inspections Services?

JST Group has built a reputation for providing highly accurate surveys that provide indepth understanding the geospatial landscape. Our  employees are licensed professionals who, along with dozens of survey crews who are part of the surveying team, ensure that we can handle projects of any size and complexity. JST Group also provides field engineering support and, if required, pipeline integrity support to businesses that need it.

We provide a complete array of geospatial services that support E&P. Our experience on numerous projects across the continent ensures that we can handle the entire development process. By utilizing the latest technology, software, and highly skilled individuals, we can meet the highest standards for all E&P projects.

Feel free to contact JST Groups representative, Mr. Joe Tan, to find out more about how we can help you.

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