Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control is essential where everyday and operational-induced destructive processes exist. It is difficult to visually identify until deterioration is well advanced, the loss of operational integrity and consequential failures can have catastrophic results.

JST provides the right preventative measures, inspection programmes and people which, combined with our engineering analysis and monitoring services, ensures your assets stay under control.


Corrosion Control and Monitoring

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Isolation Gasket

Isolation gaskets, or flange isolation kits as they are also known, are the primary means of electrically isolating piping and vessels. They are used to prevent bimetallic corrosion between stainless steel and carbon steel piping and fittings and are used to electrically isolate structures with cathodic protection (CP) applied. Isolation gaskets can be provided in many forms, from basic cost-effective configurations for everyday services to fire safe designs, which ensure flanged joint sealing for 30 minutes even when directly exposed to flames. For those very critical service applications, where leakage prevention and flange integrity are an absolute VCS™ and Evolution® types of gaskets from GPT are always recommended.

Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial or galvanic anodes are the backbone of cathodic protection. Used wherever metallic structures are exposed to corrosive fluids, through correct design and anode material selection all corrosion can be concentrated on the anode leaving the structure corrosion free.  Sacrificial anodes are used to protect everything from water heaters to ships, pipelines and underground tanks.

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

VCI’s (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) and VpCI®’s (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) protect metals through direct contact and vapor-phase action to create a physical barrier between the metal or metals and the surrounding environment.  The VpCI® vaporizes into the environment and then when it meets the metal(s) it adsorbs (sticks) to surface creating a protective layer, dramatically reducing corrosion. VpCI® are supplied in multiple forms from powders and liquids, to lining on protective films, bags and papers.

VCI technology has many advantages. It typically does not require the special removal of a coating or greasy rust preventatives reducing labor time and hazardous waste disposal costs, they  protect intricate equipment internals,  they do not require a constant source of electricity and they protect multiple metal types. VCI products work together to save time and money and offer more thorough, reliable, and easier-to-use protection than a variety of other metals preservation strategies.

“Ensuring Corrosion Control is fundamental, where safety, protection of the environment, production and long life are essential.”

I Rod®

I-Rod® product family is non-conductive electrically isolating solution to separate pipes from their supports and eliminate crevice corrosion.  The half round shape, minimizes contact with the pipe, allows free flow of air and any trapped condensation or moisture to drain away. It also enables easy inspection of the underside of the pipe. Manufactured from engineered polymers each I-Rod® option is a strong, low creep, long life solution.


DC decouplers allow safe grounding of AC currents from a cathodically protected (CP) pipeline or tank to an earthing system whilst keeping the protective CP current, which is DC current, where it is needed on the pipeline or tank.  Simply put under normal conditions a DC decoupler acts like a door which opens to allow harmful AC current to pass but then is closed to stop DC currents and better still it can do both jobs at once passing AC and stopping DC currents. 

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Corrosion Services and Supply

AC Mitigation

Cathodic Protection


COSASCO,Asset Integrity Thailand, Cathodic Protection Thailand, AC Mitigation Thailand, Corrosion Prevention Products, Corrosion Monitoring Systems Thailand

COSASCO : Corrosion Monitoring & Chemical Management System

DEEPWATER – Corrosion protection under pipe support (CUPS), Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DEEPWATER : Prevent crevice corrosion at pipe support

DAIRLYLAND Surge Protections, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DAIRYLAND : DC decouple and grounding

 GPT : Isolation Gasket, Linkseal for pipe penetration and Isolation material for pipe case crossing

PIN BRAZING – Thermit Weld Equipment

BAC : Cathodic Protection Material

CATH-TECH Survey Equipment, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

CATH-TECH : Cathodic Protection Material

CORTEC : Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor, Preservation and Corrosion prevention system.


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CORTEC : Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor, Preservation and Corrosion prevention system.