Cathodic Protection Services

Our Cathodic Protection Systems and Services are a proven and reliable method of achieving corrosion control of metals and alloys. Corrosion is a progressively destructive and often potentially hazardous process. Often challenging to identify until well advanced, corrosion is frequently identified when it is too late. Identifying corrosion on submerged or buried equipment and structures is even more critical, which makes Cathodic Protection (CP) so important particularly in the oil & gas, power generation, and petrochemical industries.

Often working in conjunction with protective coatings or vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI), Cathodic Protection Systems are a proven, highly reliable way of controlling corrosion. The method was initially developed to be used in the shipping industry, but today it is used across all industries where safety, environmental protection, and the long-life is paramount.

JST offers comprehensive Cathodic Protection Systems, Solutions, Services, and Products that are customized to our clients’ needs.


Pipelines (On-and Offshore): Distribution and Transmission Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Water.

Storage Tanks and Vessels: Above and Below Ground Internal Surfaces and External Surfaces Bases Undersides.

Production Facilities & Refineries: Oil, Gas and Water Wells, Pipeline, Flow-lines, Process Plant, Heat Exchangers, Fire Water Mains and Services.

Power Stations: Intake Screens, and Pumps, Condenser Boxes and Cooling Water Pipe-Work.

Inshore & Offshore Marine Structures: Production and Exploration, Platforms, Rigs, Jackets and Vessels, Harbours, Jetties and Marine Bases, Sheet and Tubular Piling – Ships, Barges Baots Buoys and Fenders.

Technical Consultancy

System Installation Testing & Commissioning

System Design

Equipment Supply

Online Surveys

Monitoring, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Why Choose JST’s CP Services?

We are the leader in cathodic protection in Thailand with our team committed to ensuring that clients receive the very best service always meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Our success and reputation have been built upon client and employee satisfaction. We fully support all JST employees in their continued professional development, making us a leading independent multi-service corrosion control service provider in Thailand.

Our team consists of internationally certified NACE professionals, including Corrosion Specialists & Technologists, NACE CP Technologists & Technicians and NACE Coating Inspectors. Our team are all as well professionally qualified in various engineering fields such as Chemical, Electrical, Environmental Mechanical and Metallurgy, we have Physicists and Chemists too! 

COSASCO,Asset Integrity Thailand, Cathodic Protection Thailand, AC Mitigation Thailand, Corrosion Prevention Products, Corrosion Monitoring Systems Thailand

COSASCO : Corrosion Monitoring & Chemical Management System

DEEPWATER – Corrosion protection under pipe support (CUPS), Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DEEPWATER : Prevent crevice corrosion at pipe support

DAIRLYLAND Surge Protections, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DAIRYLAND : DC decouple and grounding

GPT – High-Integrity Flange Gaskets and Seals for Critical Service Applications, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

 GPT : Isolation Gasket, Linkseal for pipe penetration and Isolation material for pipe case crossing

PIN BRAZING – Thermit Weld Equipment

BAC : Cathodic Protection Material

CUPRION Marine Antifouling system, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

Cathodic Protection Limited : Cuprion Anti-fouling

CATH-TECH Survey Equipment, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

CATH-TECH : Cathodic Protection Material

CORTEC : Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor, Preservation and Corrosion prevention system.

We are also full and supporting members of NACE International, The Corrosion Society,

the leading organization in the Corrosion Protection industry.

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