The Guardian Butylwrap System

Butylwrap MP Primer

The Guardian Butylwrap MP Primer system consist of butyl-based elastomers blended with polymeric resins dissolved in an organic solvent system. It can be used for machine or hand brush applications, and provide excellent adhesion to the pipe substrate and cathodic disbandment resistance.

A liquid adhesive system is ideal for hand brush applications to rough and reconditioned grit-blasted pipe surfaces. It provides a uniformly smooth, instant tack surface for coating systems.

Caution: The Butylwrap MP Primer is FLAMMABLE. Store away from heat sources. Read all label instructions prior to use. Please request an application specification and storage guideline from Seal for Life.

The Guardian Butylwrap MP Primer is an excellent adhesion, has superior cathodic disbandment resistance and ensures permanent bonding of coating systems. We recommend using it for the prevention of corrosion on metallic pipelines. Also, it can be easily customized to fit local and national standards.

Environment-20 to +90°C
Pipe surfacemin.+3°C above the dew point max.+90°C
PerformanceSY, AWWA standards
Compatible line coatingCarbon steel, FBE, PE, PP, Tape
Max operating temperature90°C
Recommended pipe preparationSa2.5 or St3.0
Property Test MethodValue
Color Black
Base Rubber/Resins
Solvent Petroleum spirit
Flash point DIN EN 577°C(43°F)
Dry time+23°C+73.4°F5min
Solid content ISO 151528%
Viscosity (flow time nozzle 4 mm)+23°C+73.4°FDIN 53211255s
VOC 0.61kg/L
Consumption  0.08-0.1kg/m2
Operating temperature b  -20 to +90°C
Shelf life  3 years
TypeCapacity (L)Total Weight (KG)

Butylwrap 1080/1055

The Guardian Butylwrap is a wraparound corrosion protective coating, consisting of one layer of epoxyprimer and two layers of PE film. The product is used in a wide range of applications where products or installations need to be sealed against air and water ingress.

It can be used for the coating of pipes, coating of risers, coating of flanges, coating of manholes, coating of valves, underwater coating of riser, coating of welded sockets, repair of all type of coatings, sealing of pipe and cable conduits, sealing of pipe casings, which are constantly exposed to elevated temperatures.

Guardian Butylwrap 1080/1055 is a multilayer system used for the protection of steel pipelines, Liquid Adhesives can be used as primers for this system. The inner layer of Butylwrap 1080 is engineered to assure a high bond to the primed surface with excellent conformability characteristics. The mechanical protection layer (out layer) of Butylwrap 1055, achieves a complete bond to the Butylwrap 1080 inner layer.

It can save time without preheating, and achieves superb bonding to PE, PP, FBE and AE. Moreover, it has a long shelf-life, is impermeable to water oxygen, and its superior cathodic disbandment offers the optimum barrier for long term protection against corrosion.

Compatible line coatingsePE, PP, FBE, PU, Coal tar, Bitumen
Soil stress restrictionsNone
Max operating temperature85°C
Environment temperature range-20°C ~+85°C
Property BackingTest MethodValue
Tensile StrengthASTM D 63818MPa
ElongationASTM D 638550%
Peel strength to primed steelASTM D 100037N/cm Cohesive failure
Dielectric strengthASTM D 14925kv
Impact resistanceASTM G-146.0Nm
Penetration resistanceASTM G 17<15%
Cathodic disbandment ResistanceASTM G 85.5mm
Volume resistivityASTM E 2571.1.7×1017 ohm*cm
Water AbsorptionASTM D 570<0.04%

(Butylwrap 1080)

Color :Black   
Backing0.25 mm0.35 mm0.35 mm0.50 mm
Adhesive0.25 mm0.25 mm0.35 mm0.50 mm

Other thickness (0.5~1.4mm) are available, Please note when place order.

(Butylwrap 1055)

Color :Black or white   
Backing0.25 mm0.35 mm0.35 mm0.65 mm
Adhesive0.15 mm0.15 mm0.15 mm0.15 mm

Other thickness (0.5~1.4mm) are available, Please note when placing an order

For further enquiries, please contact JST Group’s Industrial Sales Manager: Nick Grenier