Guardian Bituwrap Systems

A Medium to Heavy-Duty Cold Applied Bitumen Tape / PVC Pipe wrap for use in situations where a tough conformable pipe wrap coating is required.

The Guardian Bituwrap Systems are robust systems designed to be used along with Guardian Bituwrap Primer, for some of the harshest buried condition, comprising of various plastic backing in conjunction with bituminous rubber adhesives. Our Bitumen tapes offer superior adhesion to steel substrates, offering multiple grades of protection, including protection at high temperatures and are well suited for use in tropical climates.

Bitumen Tape


The GUARDIAN BITUWRAP 1650 tape, to be used along with Guardian Bituwrap Primer, is a heavy-duty cold applied 2-ply PVC/Bituminous Rubber (Bitumen) system, supplied with an overwidth siliconized paper interleaving,  that is designed for use in industries that require high impact resistant and robust pipe wrap coating. Like all GUARDIAN BITUWRAP systems, the Guardian Bituwrap 1650 PVC/Bitumen Tape System complies with the AWWA C209-19 standard.

The Guardian Bituwrap 1650 Tape is a highly self-adhesive anti-corrosion bituminous rubber compound which allows it to provide a high level of adhesion to a properly primed steel substrate. The GUARDIAN BITUWRAP 1650 tape is ideal for use on buried pipelines with selected backfill medium. They are an excellent solution for use in continuous line pipe wrapping, pipeline bends and protection of field joints.


The GUARDIAN BITUWRAP 41HT tape, to be used along with Guardian Bituwrap Primer, is a medium-duty cold applied 2-ply PE/Bituminous Rubber (Bitumen) system, supplied with plastic interleaving, The GUARDIAN BITUWRAP 41HT Tape is a high-quality multi-purpose flexible tape system that provides anti-corrosion and long life to underground pipelines.

The GUARDIAN BITUWRAP 41HT is AWWA C209-19 compliant and offers excellent steel water pipes and fittings coating. The tape itself has been developed from high-density polyolefin  film laminated with a strong adhesive bitunimous rubber compound.

The Bituwrap 41HT tape promises durability, controlled elasticity, ease of application, and conformability.

Application Guidelines for GUARDIAN Bituwrap Systems

Guardian Bituwrap Tape Systems – Application Guide

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