Aids to Navigation Products

JST Group is a distributor of Sealite products in Thailand

We are able to provide all kinds of Aids to Navigation products such as Buoys, Lanterns, Range lights, Sector Light, AIS for ATONs and etc. Sealite are a well-known brand recognized worldwide for their in-house quality products with extensive use cases in major ports and clients worldwide.

Marine Lantern

Sealite’s range of stand-alone marine lanterns are compact, lightweight, maintenance-free and operate in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies.

The marine lanterns provide superior visibility, range from 1NM to 21NM and can be used for various marine applications.

These products provide the perfect solution for coast guards, ports and harbours, inland waterway authorities and other government bodies.

Port Entry Light

Sealite’s range of LED Port Entry Lights and Leading Lights are typically installed to indicate a clear line of passage for vessels. Port Entry Lights are available in many configurations and are low-powered, high-intensity precision sector lighting suitable for day and night time use with convenient remote monitoring and control options.

Marine Buoy

Sealite Marine Buoys are manufactured on-site from rotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene, and are designed to offer a low maintenance, high visibility solution to marine navigation. Sealite navigation buoy products are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes and can be economically shipped worldwide.

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