AC Mitigation Services

JST provides AC Mitigation system modelling & design, construction, operation and maintenance.

With the ever growing need to maximize land resources and reduce land acquisition costs it is now common for transmission and distribution pipelines to be installed and operated in common corridors or rights of way with High Voltage AC (HHVAC) Electrical Power Transmission Tower Networks.
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Pipelines that are buried (or aboveground) and run with or cross HHVAC power lines in shared rights of way are subject to electromagnetically and fault induced AC currents.  These unwanted but unavoidable  AC currents present a risk of electric shock hazard to the general public or pipeline personnel and can give rise to destructive AC corrosion on affected pipelines.

Fortunately – the harmful effects of these AC currents can be controlled and mitigated against, ensuring safe and long service pipeline operation through the considered use of AC Mitigation Computerized Modelling and the design, application and maintenance of engineered AC Mitigation measures. 

For further enquiries, please contact JST Group’s Asset Integrity Manager : Trevor Goss 

AC Mitigation Studies

System Design and Modeling

AC Site Surveys

System Installation

Equipment Supply

Monitoring and Maintenance

COSASCO,Asset Integrity Thailand, Cathodic Protection Thailand, AC Mitigation Thailand, Corrosion Prevention Products, Corrosion Monitoring Systems Thailand

COSASCO : Corrosion Monitoring & Chemical Management System

DEEPWATER – Corrosion protection under pipe support (CUPS), Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DEEPWATER : Prevent crevice corrosion at pipe support

DAIRLYLAND Surge Protections, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

DAIRYLAND : DC decouple and grounding

GPT – High-Integrity Flange Gaskets and Seals for Critical Service Applications, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

 GPT : Isolation Gasket, Linkseal for pipe penetration and Isolation material for pipe case crossing

PIN BRAZING – Thermit Weld Equipment

BAC : Cathodic Protection Material

CUPRION Marine Antifouling system, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

Cathodic Protection Limited : Cuprion Anti-fouling

CATH-TECH Survey Equipment, Corrosion Control Systems Thailand

CATH-TECH : Cathodic Protection Material

CORTEC : Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor, Preservation and Corrosion prevention system.