SOFIS-Valve Interlock installation


is pleased to propose the installation of SOFIS-Valve Interlocks at the South Pailin off-shore field, a property of Chevron. This installation aims to enhance safety procedures when operating critical valves within your facility. Valve Interlocks play a vital role in ensuring that operators adhere to the correct manual valve operations.
These interlocks are affixed to individual valves to eliminate the likelihood of human error by monitoring the operation of valves and their corresponding stages in the process. They are available in quarter-turn (QL) for lever-operated valves or multi-turn (GL) for wheel-operated valves.
By implementing SOFIS interlocks, you not only safeguard your operators, equipment, and plant but also uphold a positive public image by mitigating risks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information and to discuss how our solution can benefit your operations.
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