Clyde Union® pumps

Weir® boasts a wide product range, from single stage end-suction pumps through split case to multi-stage and high pressure barrel pumps.

  • Concrete volute pumps for high pressure applications
  • Hydraulic submersible pumps for reliable underwater operation
  • Multi-stage barrel pumps for reliable transfer of containerised liquids
  • Multi-stage radially-split case pumps for high pressure applications
  • Multi-stage through-bolt pumps for economic high reliability
  • Single-stage axially-split pumps for high volume, high pressure water transport applications
  • Single/two-stage split-case pumps for high-head pumping of clean water
  • (Solids-handling) end suction pumps for supply and distribution of water and lightly-contaminated liquids
  • Turbine water-lubricated pumps for nuclear power applications

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