Vallourec & Mannesmann® Tubes & Piping Products

V & M Tubes is committed to providing its customers with the best products and services available on the market, through an unique global approach supported by local capabilities. This commitment is backed by an annual production of up to 3 million tonnes of steel pipe and tube manufactured in 10 hot-rolling mills in Europe, Brazil and the USA. The company has 12 strategically positioned production facilities world wide for OCTG, a network of around 100 VAM licensee workshops in over 40 countries devoted to local support for the VAM Premium Connections, and the skilled professionals are working around the clock to provide first-class customer service.

Oil and natural gas are the main energy sources in our modern world. Their reservoirs can be found all over the world, and more often than not these resources are located deep in the earth or beneath the seabed. For the exploration and production of oil and gas from onshore or offshore fields, high-performance steel tubes are required to penetrate depths of several thousands of metres. The tubes have to withstand high mechanical stresses, high pressures, high temperatures and often aggressive media, too.

These seamless tubes for oil and gas fields (OCTG), known as drill pipe, casing, tubing and riser pipe, are supplied by the OCTG Division of V & M Tubes. Under the company name Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas, we offer a comprehensive range of products, including API thread connections and VAM Premium Connections for higher requirements.

Seamless hot-rolled line pipe is used for the transportation of oil and gas in offshore and onshore fields. These pipes, produced by the Hot-rolled Tubes Division of V & M Tubes, have to withstand similar stresses as the OCTG products and are generally supplied to customers’ specifications.

Product range

  • Casing — in dimensions from 4 1/2" through 26", with API thread connections or with VAM Premium Connections
  • Tubing — in dimensions from 2 3/8" through 4 1/2", with API thread connections or with VAM Premium Connections
  • Drill pipe — in dimensions from 2 3/8" through 6 5/8", with friction-welded tool joints, according to API or in VAM design (e.g. VAM EIS and VAM TAURUS)
  • Riser — production, work over and drilling riser, matched to customers’ requirements, in dimensions up to 26"