Tischuk™ risk-based integrity (RBI) training

Tischuk are specialist trainers for the design, implementation and management of RBIM programs.

RBIM Program Implementation, Facilitation & Audit

Courses are run periodically in Aberdeen and as required at client premises. Various options are available. The most popular approach is an initial week of RBI Practitioner training, equipping delegates to implement programs with the help of an experienced RBI Facilitator.

Once practitioners have gained experience, the Level 2 Facilitator course offers the next step, building on their knowledge and experience and adding the necessary tools for RBIM program management.

The final stage is the Tischuk Level 3 course, teaching the skills necessary for RBI program audit. All courses have certification options.

Our aim for the courses is to ensure delegates achieve a complete understanding of the concepts of risk and the practicalities of designing, implementing and managing effective risk-based programs, to achieve the benefits of optimised inspection & maintenance.

The courses cover all aspects including classroom learning, workshops and practical exercises using RBI software and real plant data, the calculation of risk, inspection/activity planning and work pack generation. Delegates see risk-based software in action and gain in depth understanding of how RBI can work best for them.

Delegates attending the practitioner course will undergo detailed training in the use of the latest version of the Tischuk 32-bit T-OCA software and have the opportunity to be assessed for certification in accordance with the requirements of API.