Tischuk™ risk-based integrity (RBI) management

Tischuk’s T-OCA and T-REx software systems evaluate plant operational criticality, producing a risk matrix based on the likelihood and consequences of plant failure. Inspection and maintenance activities can then be prioritised and targeted to best effect.


A practical, cost-effective system for RBI.

T-OCA provides a semi-quantitative, rule-based risk assessment for the pressure envelope; piping, static equipment, rotating equipment, relief valves and control valves. T-OCA incorporates a feedback module to modify the risk assessment with inspection and monitoring data. It has integrated TaskMaster technology that allows the user to easily develop an inspection work program based on the risk assessment.


A family of software tools for assessment of specific equipment criticality or risk rating based on consequences and probability of failure.

The TaskMaster module is used to schedule tasks and generate inspection and maintenance plans.

Substantial cost savings can be made together with improvements in safety and plant reliability.