Specialist Services™ oilfield camps

Oilfield Skid Mounted Camps come in a range of specifications dependent upon regional usage and client preferences.  The primary design requirement is ruggedness to cope with the constant transportation in off road areas, ranging from deep jungle to deep dunes. Units are built lightweight for heliportable purposes, or heavy duty for masterskid and Kenworth winching use. The difference between Specialist Services’ camps and others is in the finishing and design, which is why their warranties are so long.

Camps are completely designed for ease of use and maintenance. Specialist Services cover full electrical and plumbing/drainage interconnections including the rating of generators, water makers, water tanks, diesel tanks and sewage treatment plants. Their long experience in providing camps means that quick connect systems, such as plugs and sockets for electrical connection or Waco fittings for plumbing, are their preferred specifications.

Developed in association with Schlumberger IPM, a new Combi-module has now been developed to provide a better environment for operators giving an Offshore Rig feel to onshore operations. Units have been proven in the harshest areas of Oman and provide a comfortable and safe environment for hard worked employees.

Trailer Mounted Camps

Specialist Services again only manufactures for rugged off-road environment.  All trailers are based around a rigid frame which provides excellent stiffness against torsional forces.

The difference between our build quality and other is the excellence of the fit-out and the attention to detail when designing for off-road environs.  Windows are fixed, doors are hinged in 3 places and provided with restrainers that do not break, all bolts are stainless steel and nylock type, all furniture is built-in and made from thicker than ordinary materials.

Converted Containers

For quick and convenient camp requirements for use in far off regions then Converted Containers may be the choice.  All designs incorporate everything within the confines of the container making shipping easier and cheaper.