RTD™ laser inspection

External corrosion can be inspected by mapping the area with laser technology. This technique is based on the reflection of laserlight on a surface.

External Corrosion Mapping

The complete geometry of an area with corrosion is recorded in X-Y-Z-coordinates. After specialised analysis, the surface will be plotted in a 2D-colour map and can even be plotted in 3 dimensions (3D).

The data has a high resolution and are very accurate.


  • Automated reporting onsite

  • Determine fast the Deepest point, Length and Width

  • Possible saving of inspection time

  • Easy applying of Corrosion treshold and Interaction rules

  • Generating worstcase profiles

  • Burstpressure calculations based on non-conventional methods (for example RSTRENG and FEM)

  • Possible saving of repairs



  • Pipelines

  • Storage tanks