Rouge Monitor passivation monitor

Rouging is a thin film of iron oxide or hydroxide, usually reddish-brown or golden in color, typically found on stainless steels. Rouge can also consist of iron, chromium, nickel and other elements. Rouge normally builds up on the interior surfaces of high purity water distillation units, storage tanks, distribution systems (piping, valves, pump housings, fittings, etc.) and process vessels. Many drug manufacturers are concerned about the particulate matter from build-up contaminating their products and sterile systems.

An effective way to deal with this problem is monitor the rouging rate on-line in case of process upsets to prevent contamination.

The Rouge Monitor passivation monitor was developed specifically for stainless steel ultrapure water systems. The patented Solution Resistance Compensation (SRC) incorporated in our electrochemical measurement technology enables very low corrosion (rouging) rates to be measured accurately in the high resistivity of ultrapure water.

The Rouge Monitor has a high sensitivity front end probe/transmitter and a remote display, data logger, and analog retransmission unit. The remote display unit provides analog 4-20 mA outputs of rouging rate in microns/month and accumulated rouging in microns for connection to a DCS or SCADA system.

In addition, the on-board data logger enables independent data accumulation for direct transfer to a laptop, which is convenient for your water treatment service provider. The display unit provides power and RS 485 digital communication to the sensing probe and transmitter, enabling the display unit to be mounted up to 4,000 feet from the probe/transmitter.

The resistivity of ultrapure water is 18.2 MΩ at 25°C. Normal rouging rates are in the range of 0 to 0.010µ per month. The Rouge Monitor accurately measures the rouging rate in the range of 0 to 0.100µ per month, and will display rouging rate excursions up to 2.000µ/month.