Deepwater™ offshore platform CP retrofits

Deepwater Corrosion Services provides the worlds most innovative, proven and economical CP retrofit solutions for offshore platforms and subsea pipelines.

The RetroBuoy™ system cuts retrofit costs by delivering more cathodic protection, more efficiently. One RetroBuoy sled can deliver up to 400 amps of corrosion protection — enough to protect 7,500m2 of steel. Conventional alternative protection would need at least 32 metric tonnes of sacrificial aluminium.

For structures without their own power source, the RetroPod™ system provides sacrificial aluminium anodes arranged in stable, self-contained ‘pods’, available in either 10 or 20-year longevity designs. It takes typically less than one hour to install each pod, roughly half the time required by conventional products. One pod can typically protect 300m2 of bare steel.

For CP retrofits of 5 years or less, the Retrolink™ system delivers economic and effective protection. Diverless topside installation is available for structures in 26m of seawater or less.