Nu-Bolt™ pipe supports

The Nu-Bolt™ assembly was designed by corrosion engineers to provide a reliable solution to pipe-support corrosion problems. Thousands of offshore structures have been equipped with Nu-Bolt™ and I-Rod® on critical piping systems.

Combining the simplicity of a U-Bolt stabilized pipe support with advanced features that improve the corrosion resistance of the bolt, Nu-Bolt™ eliminates crevice corrosion at the pipe support point.

The Nu-Bolt™ assembly features a half-round piece of I-Rod® thermoplastic, the key to Deepwaters success in creating the most effective self-contained pipe support unit available. The polyshrink coating on the U-bolt itself protects the pipe paint system during tightening of the bolt. The Nu-Bolt™ is offered with one of two coatings: hot dip galvanize for rugged service and Sermagard® aluminum ceramic coatings for extreme exposures. Nu-Bolt™ is also available in 316 Stainless Steel.

Key Benefits


  • Proven to eliminate crevice corrosion at pipe support points

  • 100% material traceability

  • Available with two coatings for harsh or very severe exposures

  • Worldwide distributor network

  • Cost effective to install, new or retrofit

  • Rapid return on investment

  • Available for all pipe sizes ½" – 48"