Microcor® high-resolution corrosion rate monitors

The most advanced corrosion monitoring technology available that combines high-resolution corrosion measurement in any fluid environment with rapid response and long life. Microcor systems are available for continuous on-line or data logging applications.

Microcor® corrosion monitoring technology has been developed to substantially increase the speed of response over conventional monitoring techniques, such as coupons, electrical resistance (ER) probes, and linear polarization resistance (LPR), and is functional in all environments.

Microcor is the result of patented technology which combines the rapid response of LPR and the universal applicability of ER. Additional information about the physics underlying the technique can be found in patents, copies of which are available from Rohrback Cosasco.

Microcor® Online System

Microcor® Online System allows you to make rapid, accurate corrosion rate measurements in any process environment. Its primary benefit is its increased speed of response over conventional monitoring techniques (coupons, electrical resistance measurements).

The Microcor® transmitter Model MT-9485A is the latest Model of a new generation of high resolution digital instruments, which operate with special high-resolution compatible electrical resistance probes. The Microcor Transmitter is rated explosion-proof to the latest ATEX, UL and CSA standards, and it communicates over an RS 485 Field Bus. This design has the advantage of a more economical field installation cost.

Microcor® Data-Logging System

Microcor® technology greatly increases sensitivity and speed of response over conventional electrical resistance (ER) systems. It combines the rapid response of linear polarization resistance (LPR) with the universal applicability of ER metal loss, measuring reliably conductive or non-conductive environments.

The battery powered Microcor® ML-9500B Data-Logger adds autonomous power and data collection for applications where direct on-line operation is not possible. This system is ideal for remote locations, for low corrosion rate systems, and for rapid deployment to analyze unexpected corrosion problems.

Microcor® Probes

Probes are an integral component of the new high-resolution Microcor® system. Special design of the probes provides advanced thermal performance, and reliable operation in all environments including sour service. Several mounting configurations are available, the most common of which allow the probes to be inserted and removed under full process operating conditions without shutdown.