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Industrial Chemical Cleaning

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The Neutramex process

In oil refineries and the petrochemical industry, heavy fuel is often used to power fired heaters. This is not completely burned away, leading to the formation of corrosive deposits on the metal tubes and hindering the quality of heat exchange. It can therefore be necessary to clean the tube bundles between shutdowns in order to maintain performances and the good conditions of the heaters.

The patented Neutramex process is a cleaning process that restores high performance without there being any need to shut down production.

The Neutramex process has the merits of being:

  • A quick-to-implement cleaning process
  • Entirely residue-free (product is 100% sublimated)
  • A non-polluting, non-abrasive process (no tube degradation)
  • A biodegradable, non-toxic product
  • No product classification for transport and storage
  • A rapid return on investment

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