Heat Treatment

Professional personnel, best in class equipment, engineered procedures.

JST Heat Treatment

JST Heat Treatment Company Limited is an affiliate company of the JST Group and operates as the exclusive agent of Stork/ Cooperheat [UK] Ltd.

The company employs dedicated heat treatment professionals to provide the following range of heat treatment services:

  • On-site pre-heat and post weld heat treatment of piping, pressure vessels, tanks, structures, etc. [localised, furnace, electrical and gas firing]
  • In-house localised and furnace heat treatment
  • On-site refractory curing/dry out
  • Brinell hardness testing services
  • Consultancy and supervisory services

In addition the company can provide the following range of heat treatment supplies:

  • Heat treatment equipment, accessories and consumables
  • High velocity gas burners
  • Laboratory/industrial furnaces and ovens
  • Trace heating systems

For further enquiries, please contact JST Group’s Heat Treatment Services Manager: Stuart Muckleston

Email : jst@jst-group.com