FLSmidth® gMax Systems® hydrocyclones

gMAX Systems supplies the broadest range of sizes, styles and configurations of hydrocyclones available in the industry.

Hydrocyclones from 0.5" to 90" (13mm to 2,286mm) in diameter are offered to meet specific performance objectives. To meet customers process conditions, gMAX Systems produces hydrocyclones in a variety of housing, liner and component materials.

Literally hundreds of configurations are available to meet a variety of applications including solid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation and multi-phase desanding.

Solids recovery & classification

gMAX Systems’ experience in solid particle recovery and classification using hydrocyclones is unparalleled. From their advanced gMAX™ Series cyclones to close packed de-sanding cyclones, gMAX Systems delivers cutting edge technology and space-saving solutions for your solid-liquid separation needs.

Liquid-liquid hydrocyclones

gMAX Systems designs and manufactures large oily water treatment systems using liquid-liquid hydrocyclones to treat any flow rate. gMAX Systems L40 gMAX de-oiling cyclone systems have many innovative features. Industries that use the L40 gMAX de-oiling cyclone systems include oil, gas, refinery/petrochemicals, dairy & food manufacture, remediation, bilge & ballast, solvent extraction.

Multi-phase de-sanding cyclones

gMAX Systems pioneered the development and use of multi-phase de-sanding cyclones for well-head and well-stream applications. Now gMAX Systems offers gMAX™ technology on all hydrocyclones for multi-phase desanding — the next generation of desanding technology for oil & gas.