DCMS™ Downhole Corrosion Monitoring System

DCMS™ — another innovative product from RCS — is the only tool available today which provides realtime corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole operation.

Key features


  • Realtime corrosion rate and temperature data

  • Rated to 10,000 psi or 285 °F (140°C)

  • Setting and retrieval at any depth

  • Battery life of 75 days

  • 1,024 data point storage capacity

  • Easy downloading and graphing of data via Corrdata® Plus software

The sensitivity of the system enables the film persistence of inhibitors to be evaluated in actual operating conditions, something that was not possible prior to the development of the DCMS™.

The DCMS™ tool may be attached to a variety of wireline-approved running tools for insertion into the production well at the start of testing and retrieval from the well at the end of the testing period. Selection of the appropriate wireline tools allow the DCMS™ tool to be set at any required depth — wherever the most critical corrosion regions are located.

Several DCMS™ tools may be run simultaneously in a well, in order to obtain corrosion data for the different depths, while under the same operating conditions.