Cosasco® high pressure access fittings

The worldwide standard for high pressure access fitting systems and tools for "access under pressure" up to 6,000 psi (41 Mpa) and 450°F (232°C)

RCS can provide access fittings for coupon or electronic corrosion monitoring, hydrogen monitoring, chemical injection and sampling as well as retrievers, service valves and a full range of tools for servicing the fittings.

The Cosasco system consists of:


  • an access fitting — with a solid or hollow plug to house a monitoring or injection device

  • a service valve

  • a retrieval tool

The access fitting is permanently attached to the vessel or pipe, and the service valve and retriever are used to insert or remove the various probes, coupons or injection equipment.

The Cosasco® access fitting assembly is the key to the concept of "Access under pressure — any time, any place".

When used with a Cosasco® retriever and service valve, the access fittng assembly permits safe, easy insertion and retrieval of corrosion and erosion monitoring systems, as well as preventive maintenance devices for injecting inhibitors or for sampling, etc. while under full operating pressure.

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