The JST Group is an independent group of wholly owned Thai service and supply companies, with over 40 years experience in Thailand and South East Asia. We have developed a flexible organization structure to provide locally-based and managed specialist services to meet emerging customer requirements.

JST is now a major supplier of technical products & services, providing specialist equipment, services and manpower (both local and expatriate) to the oil & gas, petrochemical, and other industries across the region, supported by our offices in Thailand and across South East Asia.

JST continues to evolve, bringing in cutting edge products and services, enabling us to provide innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Our local and regional presence, as well as our professional management, allows us to offer our clients a strong sense of security and accountability. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can provide local support to international standards, as well as being the local point of contact for all of the products/services we represent.

JST is committed to safety in the workplace. All employees are required to follow the company's HSE policy at all times, regardless of time or cost.

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  • Alki Technik

    Alkitronic – Torque Power Worldwide
    Whether on construction sites, assembly lines or in production: products excel from quality, power and high performance. Together Alkitronic will find the best solution for your torque applications to obtain efficiency, productivity and security. The unique quality of our products made in Germany characterizes us and offers you the highest levels of tightening quality with precise torque output. Discover the wide range of alkitronic torque technology powered either using our patented multi voltage, ip54 all weather electric motors, manually, hydraulically or our ATEX rated pneumatic motors.


  • Applus+ RTD

    Advanced inspection on & offshore The RTD Group provides a comprehensive range of Non-Destructive Testing services for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industrial fields on a worldwide basis . We specialize in pipeline and high tech inspection services On & Off Shore. RTD Steeltest member of the RTD group of companies, provides non-destructive testing & inspection services for the oil & gas industry (on- or off-shore), petrochemical facilities, construction, fabrication, shipping and maritime.


  • Binder Group

    Spring & specialist pipe supports Established in 1982, Binder Group specialises in the design and manufacture of proprietary and custom-built pipe suspension solutions in the Asia Pacific, Middle East & African regions. Serving a broad range of industries that include, oil & gas, petrochemical, LNG, power generation, offshore, mining & mineral resources, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial & building services, Binder Group has manufacturing facilities and sales centres throughout Australia and the South East Asian region, offices in London, Houston and Dubai.

    Binder Group has developed the most comprehensive catalogue of proprietary pipe supports — an invaluable guide for both engineers and purchasers of pipe suspension systems.


  • Chlor-Rid

    Liquid soluble salt remover The world’s leading source of products & information for soluble salt testing and removal. Chlor-Rid offers internationally recognised technologies to eliminate surface contaminants to make coatings last.

    The protective coating industry and corrosion engineers are now more aware of the damage soluble salt contaminants cause than ever before. Testing for chlorides, by both qualitative and quantitative methods, is common – and the threshold for acceptable levels is dropping.


  • Dairyland Electrical Industries

    Solid state electrical isolation, grounding, and protection Dairyland Electrical Industries has served the energy, corrosion, and electrical service industries since 1983, with innovative solid-state products for isolation, grounding, and lightning protection. Offering the first solid-state solutions to each of these markets, DEI remains the leader in the industry, with constant product development. DEIs conservative designs lead to proven long life and maintenance-free operation.

    DEI established the technology requirements for protective products in the industry and provides these important features:

     Fail-safe design
     Independent laboratory testing and listing
     Products listed for hazardous locations
     Ratings that eclipse other technologies


  • Deepwater

    Full service offshore corrosion protection Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. are the definitive full-service offshore corrosion protection company. Since 1986, Deepwater has been an innovator in solving offshore corrosion problems through new and unique product design and application.

    Deepwaters mission has been the provision of state-of-the-art corrosion control solutions to the offshore oil & gas industry. Today, the company is recognized as a leader in offshore corrosion control. The company operates from a purpose- built manufacturing facility, conveniently located within the Houston Energy Corridor.

    Deepwater is an international company, with offices in the United States, and the United Kingdom, and has representatives in most major offshore oil & gas markets around the world.


  • JST Group

    Serving the oil, gas & petrochemical industries in south-east Asia for over 40 years Established in 1983, JST Group was founded to service the drilling sector of the oil & gas industry in Thailand. In 1987, increasing industry demand drove JST to diversify beyond the drilling sector, acquiring long-time partner Fuller & Kinnaird — 40 year veterans of the oil & gas industry in Thailand. Within the year, JST had established itself as the representative office for a large number of international companies servicing the oil, gas & petrochemical industries.

    As local industry developed and grew, JST grew alongside it — developing a flexible organisation structure to provide locally-based and managed engineering services to meet emerging customer requirements. By this point, a team of professional and highly qualified staff were brought on board to manage the core activities of the company.

    A key factor of JST’s success has been its policy of developing local technical skills to international standards. Consequently, JST is able provide specialist technical services to international standards at local rates.

    JST is committed to safety in the workplace. Employees are required to follow the company’s HSE policy at all times, regardless of time or cost.

    Now a major supplier of technical services, JST continues to go from strength to strength, with branch offices opening across south-east Asia providing specialist equipment, and manpower (both local and expatriate) to the oil, gas & petrochemical industries across the region.


  • Merpro

    National Oilwell Varco is pleased to announce the acquisition of Merpro Limited.

    Merpro complements NOV Mission’s existing production technologies, which include process equipment, reciprocating pumps, horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, valves, choke valves, and wellheads.

    National Oilwell Varco is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production, the provision of oilfield inspection and other services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry.


  • Norriseal

    Valve and control solutions Norriseal has been a leading supplier of valve and control solutions for more than four decades. Renowned for innovative design and precision manufacturing, Norriseal products are used worldwide in a broad range of industries, including oil and gas production and transmission, refining, petrochemical/chemical processing, marine, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, high-pressure HVAC, steel manufacturing, and many other applications.

    Norriseal is part of Dover Corporation, a diversified manufacturer of industrial products with over $4 billion in sales. Dover is a Fortune 500 company listed on the NYSE under the symbol DOV.

    Why you can depend on genuine Norriseal products for quality, reliability
    and cost-efficiency:

     ISO 9001-certified manufacturing
     In-house engineering and technical support
     In-depth applications experience
     Award-winning innovation and ongoing product development
     100% testing of every valve and controller
     Responsive service and prompt delivery
     Field support available worldwide


  • Pikotek

    Insulating flange gaskets & seals for very critical service With over 15 years of experience sealing in the most demanding applications, Pikotek® boasts unmatched levels of performance and an unparalleled track record. Pikotek® is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of critical service flange gaskets, spring-energized jacketed seals and electrical flange isolation kits (cathodic protection) for the oil and gas production, processing, gas transmission, pipeline, power generation and utility industries.
    Pikotek® manufactures and distributes reliable, high quality products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations and requirements — all of which comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, as certified by Lloyds Register.


  • Proserv

    Well head control panels, compressor surge controls Specialists in custom-built control equipment for the oil & gas industry. For over 20 years, Proserv has specialized in building custom control equipment for the oil & gas industry, providing engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services for a wide variety of control equipment on projects around the world.

    Proserv can boast a wealth of successfully completed projects for major oil companies from major oilfields in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, North Sea and the Americas.

    The company has the technical ability and business aptitude to provide what the client requires, building to oil company specifications and ensuring conformance with all applicable international standards.

    Proserv has capabilities to support the client in upfront engineering till completion and start up of well partial equipment, with a dedicated team of service engineers supporting clients in maintenance and trouble shooting control equipment. The company has recently added a complete flushing program to their services to meet NAS1638 compliance.


  • RACI

    Pipeline spacers for cased crossings Market leader in pipeline spacers for cased crossings. Established in 1952, RACI™ initially dealt in anti-corrosive materials for the protection of metal structures. As it gained greater insight into the particular needs of their growing customer base, the company decided to expand into designing and manufacturing custom products under its own name. Arguably this decision paid off, as RACI™ is now the undisputed pioneer and market leader in pipeline spacers for cased crossings the world over.

    Currently, RACI™’s operations cover five distinct disciplines in pipeline management:

       Water distribution
       Gas distribution
       District heating
       Anti-corrosion & anti-vibration solutions
       Energy recovery

    RACI™ provides end-to-end support through the project lifecycle, from initiation through to commissioning and final handover. RACI™ also offers a comprehensive range of after-sales technical services.


    • RACI™ air valves

      Maximise the effeciency of water distribution networks with automatic ductile iron air relief valves

    • RACI™ joints & flange adapters

      Connect flanged and smooth-ended pipe quickly & easily

    • RACI™ RockShield™

      Maximise the effectiveness of CP for buried structures with age-resistant protective pipe sleeves

    • RACI™ saddles

      Reduce DN warehouse stocks with universal saddles for connections to water and gas piping

    • RACI™ service valves

      Safeguard critical water & gas process equipment with high pressure service valves

  • Rohrback Cosasco Systems

    World leader in corrosion monitoring since 1950 RCS offers a wide range of solutions to corrosion problems in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp, paper & pharmaceutical. Corrosion costs the oil & gas industry over five billion dollars a year in the United States alone. With increasingly stringent safety and environmental standards, not to mention increased scrutiny from the media and governmental agencies, the case for a comprehensive corrosion monitoring system is now stronger than ever.

    RCS offers comprehensive corrosion/erosion monitoring solutions that not only use the latest in corrosion monitoring technology, but are highly cost effective.


  • Smith Flow Control

    Mechanical valve interlocks Procedural control of valve operation using mechanical valve interlocks and activity management systems. Smith Flow Control (SFC) was established in 1985 to provide engineered safety solutions for hazardous operations in the oil & gas and chemical processing industries.

    SFC introduced the coded-card linear-key concept in a range of modular key-operated interlocks to regulate operator execution of work procedures on any form of host process equipment.

    Typical applications include every form of valve (including motorised and instrument valves), switches, vessel closures, access guards, pressure and temperature sensing systems and rail/road/sea tanker loading systems.

    SFCs solutions in hazardous processes reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation. Most offshore installations in the North Sea have been equipped with SFC systems as well as the majority of related onshore processing facilities throughout Europe. By 1990, SFC became the generic term for key interlock safety systems in the international oil & gas industry and our client base now includes most of the major operating companies in all five continents.


    • Easi-Drive™ portable valve actuators

      Eliminate operator fatigue and greatly reduce the risk of injury with this portable, adaptable, low cost alternative to permanent dedicated actuators

  • Tischuk

    Risk based integrity management specialist Tischuk International is a leading provider of software and engineering services, specifically for risk-based inspection (RBI) and maintenance strategy development. Tischuk International supplies technology for risk management. Tischuk is an engineering services provider specialising in asset integrity management, specifically risk-based inspection & maintenance (RBI). RBI is a technique for prioritising inspection and maintenance according to high, medium and low risk. It makes these activities more effective. RBI generates significant benefits in industrial processes by minimising plant downtime and maximising production. Budgets are optimised and safety is improved.

    Tischuk is a world leader in RBI and provides a package of integrated products and services including RBI software, auditing and training and support, all designed to help plant operators implement and manage RBI programs, easily. The Tischuk approach is unique because the methodology is transparent and easily understood. The software has over 30 unique advantages over competitor products, ensuring that customers get the maximum benefits from RBI at the lowest implementation cost.

    Tischuk has RBI software for the following industries:

       Upstream oil & gas production
       Oil refining
       Chemicals manufacture
       Power generation
       Food processing
       Steel production
       Pulp and paper