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JST Group

JST Group was founded over 40 years ago to service the drilling sector of the oil & gas industry in Thailand and South-East-Asia.

As the regional industry developed and grew, JST kept pace – building a flexible organisation structure to provide key engineering services to support the increased sophistication of customer requirements.

In order to pursue its goals, a team of professional and highly qualified experts were brought on board to manage the core activities of the company.

A key factor in JST’s success has been its policy of cultivating local technical talents to reach and surpass international standards, setting new benchmarks for excellence. Consequently, JST is able to provide specialist technical services to international clients at low-cost and value-added rates.

Now established as a major supplier of technical services, JST continues to go from strength to strength, with branch offices across South-East Asia providing specialist equipment and manpower services (both local and expatriate) to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries worldwide.